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Tamron SP AF28-75mm F/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Macro vs Canon 28-135/3/5-5.6 IS USM

lagi nyari review nih tentang kedua lensa diatas…

di, dibilang  :

Compared with the Canon 28-135/3.5-5.6 IS ($400) at the same f-stop, the Tamron is  sharper and more resistant to flare, though of course the zoom range is less and it doesn’t have IS

emang siy di gambar2 sampelnya, gambarnya lebih terang and tajam dibandingkan canon 28-135.. kalau dari harga kayaknya juga ga jauh beda…

ini contoh2 foto di….  lumayan tajam kan.. apalagi ga ada ISnya… 😉

drops on leaf

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kebetulan di sekitar rumah habis hujan…setelah pulang sore, di depan rumah ada daun pepaya… iseng dey.. ini hasil isengnya… 😀


well, ini beberapa foto yang bisa gue tampilkan disini… maklum, masih belajar motret soalnya…

satu foto bang boy, dengan latar belakang senja… lumayan kali yee…dan selanjutnya 3 foto panning…as a beginner… hehehe.. 😀

America and Indonesia love to network, the Ukraine loves entertainment and the Germans shop all day according to Opera

Opera just released their first ever “State of the Mobile Web” for Q1 2008. They collect aggregate data, anonymously of course, about all of their Opera Mini users and are now sharing some interesting statistics:

  • There are 44 million people using Opera Mini (chart above) and the number of users in Q108 vs Q407 alone grew an astonishing 26%
  • In the month of March alone, Opera had 31.5 TB of data traffic
  • Indonesia and America are tied for first place with 63% of all traffic catering towards social networking sites
  • Over 60% of the traffic in the Ukraine is for sports and entertainment websites
  • The United Kingdom is the leader in mobile email with 11% of traffic dedicated to web based email services
  • In Germany 7% of traffic is towards ecommerce sites

The Into Mobile team, me especially, love Opera Mini and I can personally say that except for one or two sites that heavily use AJAX, Opera Mini has officially become my browser of choice on my Nokia N82.

Mmm… hobi orang indonesia emang suka buka… mungkin itu kali ya jadi tinggi traffic social networking-nya…


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