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Apple’s 4th generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G

Apple’s 4th generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G could be set to launch with a print magazine quality 960×640 in-plane switching (IPS), fringe-field switching (FFS) display, and a beefy 512MB of RAM according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the in hit-and-miss industry trade, Digitimes.

Rumors of a 960×640 display first surfaced back in March from Daring Fireball. Given Steve Jobs’ fondness for calligraphy and type and how much he’s pushed their aesthetics in the digital age finally shipping a display where the dots no longer come between content and eyes would no doubt appeal to him. IPS is the technology used in the new iMac and

iPad, FFS in HTC’s Legend, and they help increase viewing angles and display quality. Resolution and technology would combine to make iBooks on iPhone the most high density, high quality type experience yet.

Further, they report Apple will stick with the ARM Cortex A8 currently found in the iPhone 3GS and iPad A4 SoC, not the multicore Cortex A9, but they’ll be doubling the RAM to 512MB which should be especially useful for the new multitasking API found in iPhone OS 4.

Oh, and Foxconn will ship 24 million of them starting in June.

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  1. This is great information and review. this product is great and i have to say that i liked it very well.

  2. Hi there, i have put a link in the url box thingy (hope you can see it) Just wondering if anyone has used this product b4 or knows someone that has as ive been savin for quite some time now and am about to invest in the new iphone 4. The problem i have is the last phone i had the screen ended up trashed because i can not seem to break the habit of sticking in my pocket with my keys or coins etc. If im going to spend a thousand dollars on the the coolest thing under the sun then i dont want this happening again. Ive researched this a bit and the invisibleSHIELD “sounds” like the best option but as you know its a bit hard to tell from little internet pictures so if anyone could please give me some advice on this it would be muchly appreciated. Great site by the way.


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