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iPhone 4


The new iPhone 4 produced high-quality glass and stainless steel. It is 34% thinner than the iPhone 3GS and only 3 grams heavier … According to Apple, it’s the thinnest smartphone on the market. They shared volume buttons are also made of stainless steel in Unlike the current iPhone 3GS.

The stainless steel frame gives iPhone 4:01 peculiar structure and function further as an antenna for 3G and Wi-Fi connections … In theory this should increase the signal strength.


Width: 5.9 cm
Height: 11.4 cm
Depth: 0.9 cm
Weight: 137 grams


iPhone 4, is like IPAD, driven by an Apple A4 chip. Apple claims that iPhone 4 can process data faster while consuming less battery than before.

A4 also uses less power, since the embedded components can be switched on and off independently, as needed.


The battery is 16% larger than the 3GS model. Along with the A4 processor and the new, improved display, this results in a longer battery life: Apple claims that iPhone has 4 up to 40% longer talk time than its predecessor.

  • Standby time: approx. 300 hours
  • Talk time over 3G: approx. 7 hours
  • Web browsing over Wi-Fi: approx. 10 hours
  • Web browsing over 3G: approx. 6 hours
  • Video playback: approx. 10 hours
  • Music playback: approx. 40 hours

Display / Screen

The 3.5-inch multitouch screen has a resolution of 960 x 640 px. Apple’s new technology, “Retina Display”, has four times as many pixels as the current display on the iPhone 3GS, and was said to be the limit of how sharply an eye can distinguish between individual pixels on a display … In other words, the solution is crystal clear!

Apple claims its new IPS based display has a contrast ratio of 800 to 1, which is four times better than 3GS model. Additionally, we look forward to a correspondingly higher viewing angle of the new screen.

Main camera

The new iPhone 4 has a more powerful sensor in the main camera, 5 megapixel resolution and greater sensitivity to light. This means you would be able to take better pictures and video, even if you’re in low light conditions.

The camera also has an LED-based flash, which works by both camera and video recordings.

Video conferencing camera

On the front is a video camera with standard VGA resolution. The new camera can be used with Apple’s own video program, as well as third party applications.


The four new iPhone has a built-in gyroscope, which makes it possible to track motion with extremely high precision, much higher than the built-in accelerometer in the previous iPhones. The technology is built around three axes, making it possible to measure tilt, roll and acceleration … uses the new technology together with the existing built-in accelerometer, argues Apple that this will provide a six axis motion effects, which will be augmented reality applications for good.


The new iPhone uses the new micro-SIM card standard.
Extra built-in microphone for noise control.


iPhone 4 is born with Apple’s new operating system, IOS 4th The biggest news is of course multi-tasking function, which makes it possible to use more applications / programs simultaneously.

Video Call

Thanks to the new front camera, there is now an opportunity for video calls … Apple calls it Face Time, and it will be possible to use the function between two iPhone 4, but only over Wi-Fi to start with. Apple claims that in the near future (2011) will be able to use the service via 3G.



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  1. Thanks for this posts, i really love iPhone 4


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