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iPhone 4 antenna issues impacts voice transmission too

In this video, an iPhone 4 owner demonstrates how the antenna problem also affects transmission in voice calls. Using only one finger, the voice quality degrades, even dropping completely. He explains the process:

Demonstration of the new iPhone 4 showing problems with TRANSMISSION as well as reception. Note the substantial signal degradation (and subsequent audio dropout) at 2:45-2:50 and 2:58-3:01. By simply MOVING MY FINGER along the side of the iPhone, I can get the call to drop signal and audio!!

The effect his finger has when moved across the seam is undeniable. Mike argues that the problem may be related to a design flaw that affects all phone, or to a batch of units. [YouTube]

It’s funny how Steve Jobs show us how to holding the right way… here’s some funny photos…

Steve Jobs show us how to hold the iPhone 4 in the right way..

Steve Jobs reinvented grabbing way

The way we holding iphone 4...

[via Gizmodo]


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