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Samsung Galaxy S death grip?

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Hmm.. i think it not just iphone 4 which has a death grip.. “you hold the iphone in the wrong way”, said Steve Jobs.. But, look at this video below… Samsung Galaxy S has the same problem with iPhone 4… any comment?

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  1. I’m sure your brain have serious problem? did you hold your phone that way? normally? stupid enough. so which way you think is the right way to hold the phone normally?

  2. iphone 4 antenna design issue is when you normally hold the phone, no the way you hold that Galaxy S and make the call. i think that is 2 difference story, i don’t think ppl make call use both hands to hold the phone like you do. right?

  3. btw i need to tell you is about you mentioned “Samsung Galaxy S has the same problem with iPhone 4” this is 2 difference things.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a nice video, I really don’t know this about Samsung Galaxy S


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