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Best Android Apps and Games


App Name –
Some description about the app. Just a brief one will do.

Appbrain –…demonkeys.apps
Browse the app market from a desktop computer and use this app to install and uninstall apps with a sync!

Yahoo! Mail App –…
Native app from Yahoo. Easy sync to your Yahoo/Y!Mail account

MSN Talk –
MSN chat client. Can do group chats. works like your MSN in Windows 7.

Google Goggles –…id.apps.unveil
Its goggles. Scan logos, translated scanned text to english. Try it out!

Google Translate –…apps.translate
Another Google app. Works pretty much like the web version. Install the Text to Speech app. Phone will say out the words.

Android Terminal Emulator –
For your terminal command needs.

Engadget –
Gadget/tech/nerd news + widget!

Facebook for Android –
Connect to your friends on facebook

History Eraser –
For you pr0n-sters. We dont need to see your search history.

Metal Detector –
Turns your cell phone into a metal detector, and makes people with iPhones jealous.

Thomson Reuters –…
For daily world news update + widget!

PicSay –
Free photo editor

Price Pal –…
Very recommended. Lists petrol prices from different vendors. Go to groceries and scan grocery product to compare prices from NTUC to Shop n Save, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong! Another fun app to show off to iPhone people.

Shazam –
Don’t know song title? Let this app listen to the tune and it will tell you the title of the song.

SpeedTest –…roid.speedtest
Download/Upload utility to test the speed of your connection.

Singtel Broadband on Mobile usage utility

Task Panel –
Idiot-proof task manager. Prefer this version coz u can just tap to kill app.

The Straits Times –
For your local news coverage

Titanium Backup –…TitaniumBackup
Must have for rooted phones. Backup for your apps (in case u need to flash firmware)

Traffic Cam –…rry.trafficcam
Check traffic conditions from LTA cameras across the island. Similar to the iPhone version

Extended Control –
Control bar Widget with different colours.

Zedge –
Browse for more wallpapers and ringtones.

Launcher Pro –
If you dont like having TouchWiz 3.0. Interesting 3D app drawer style. Another good app to show off to your iPhone friends.

FXcamera –
FxCamera enables you to take a picture with various effects. (submitted by mliolukiye)

Fancy Widget –
HTC-Sense like clock/weather app.

Rings Extended –…ings_extended
Replace your standard ringtone to more funky tunes! (submitted by MokkoriChance)

Ringdroid –
Create own ringtone by editing a music track in your library (submitted by MokkoriChance)

Opera Mini 5 Browser –
Loads website significantly faster. Great for RSS reader as well. (submitted by mliolukiye and kennyboy)

Transdroid –
Got torrents? App to remote manage your torrents. (submitted by gutlink28)

HTC Sense Keyboard –
Difficulty getting used to the stock keyboard or swype? Try the HTC keyboard. (submitted by MokkoriChance)

Handcent SMS –
Handcent SMS is a free sms tools for android,unleash the full power of your phone: Full support SMS & MMS ,great customize options,different style and power function(search sms,sms popup,speak sms & T9) WAAY BETTER THAN DEFAULT SAMSUNG SMS APP (submitted by Pyre. Thx!)

Touchpal –
Another alternative keyboard for those who dun like the stock ones. (submitted by SEvsNK)

Astro File Manager –
Replace your default file manager on the Galaxy S with this more powerful app. (submitted by HMAN)

XDA Developers –…lkxda.activity
XDA forums app. Quick easy browsing through the forums. Good read for tips! (submitted by HMAN)

Google Pinyin –…tmethod.pinyin
One of the better Chinese input software, accurate prediction and support Speech to Text..just speak mandarin to will display the chinese words. (submitted by HMAN)

Estrong File Manager –…id.taskmanager
Another file manager app. (submitted by benchmark)

EboBirthda –
syncs all your FB contacts birthdays to your phone and Google contacts. comes with handy widget (submitted by benchmark)

SyncMyPix –
sync photos on facebook with contacts in phone. very cool especially if you’re using handcent. (submitted by benchmark)

WiFi File Explorer –…FiFileExplorer
Connect your phone to a wifi network and you can access your phone through any computer wirelessly. just enter the ip address and you can download/upload stuff. almost surreal. (submitted by Goondu)

Flikie Wallpapers –
high quality wallpapers. ability to change your wallpaper at preset timing. note that in the beginning, connection to the wallpapers and albums might be slow, but you can always download the wallpapers to your internal sd card. use the settings to point to the wallpapers stored in the sd. simply love it. doesn’t consume a lot of battery too. (submitted by Goondu)


WordUP! –
Very addictive word game. Improve your vocab and english! Good mind stimulation.

Asphalt 5 –…halt5.asphalt5
Standard feature game on every Galaxy S. Look inside your SamsungApps.

Backbreaker –
American football, run through and spin past defenders to get a touchdown. Superb graphics.

Baseball Superstars 2010 –
Wii like graphics. Simple gameplay. Tonnes of fun!

Farm Frenzy –…ame.farmfrenzy
Do you have a kid? Do you have a wife/gf? Look no further. This game will keep them occupied while you do your ‘manly’ stuffs.

Flight Frenzy –…d.flightfrenzy
Aspiring Air Traffic Controller? Let your fingers glide the planes to land safely. No guarantee you’ll be an ATC tho.

Hockey Nation 2010 –…keynations10us
Hockey + Ice = Ice Hockey! Full 3D arcade simulation. Use the touchsceen controls to play.

Replica Island –
Mario with jetpacks. Our favorite little green android goes to save the island. Platform game.

Shoot U! –
Hand-drawing style physics game. All you need to do is shooting the little guy to hit the star. Cute game and nice physics.

Super KO Boxing 2 –
Got fast fingers? Tap your way to box the opponents. Nice graphics. Fastest fingers win.

4 Player Reactor –…games.reactor4
Out with friends? Interested to get to know tat girl you’ve been eyeing on whole night? Use this app as a icebreaker. Get another 2 girls to play along and have a 4-way frenzy!

SNESoid –
SNES Emulator. Play your favourite old school games lots and lots of em. (submitted by amoro123)

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