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BlackBerry Devices To Get OS 6.0 & Features

OS 6

There is nothing like a good set of rumors to start your week. One of our contacts shared some info they got about which devices will be seeing OS 6.0 when they launch or will have a future upgrade path to OS 6.0. I could not confirm this info so take it with a large grain of salt. Still the info does not conflict with anything we have heard from other sources except for 256mb devices getting OS 6.0 which was up in the air last time we heard. Its also nice to just get the conversation started. :)

According to our source:

  • The following devices will get OS 6 at launch: The Clamshell 9670, Bold Slider 9800, Atlas 8980, and Kepler 9300
  • The following devices will get OS 6 as an update from OS 5: The Tour 9650, Pearl 9100 and 9105, Bold 9700, and the Storm 9520 and 9550

They also told us that OS 6.0 is currently set for Q3 but even that is not solid since it is currently in early beta and carrier testing is only coming online in July.

Some of the features coming in OS 6.0 include:

  • Graphical context menu in tables list and tabs.
  • The long context menu has ended Unified search framework included in 3rd party app data
  • Multiple contact lists  – Been waiting for this for ages!
  • Message list enhancements (displaying pushed 3rd party app data)
  • Wifi LBS supports
  • reverse geo coding (geo to zip)
  • travel time service within Canada and USA
  • trackpad support for swipe gestures. – VERY COOL!
  • Barcode 1D/2D scanning support
  • Auto-Focus enhancements (Camera lens and Auto-Focus are now separate)


Blackberry 9800

Blackberry 9800

The BlackBerry Slider/Torch 9800 has been pictured plenty of times now, but today it finally let it all out and showed off once again. The latest round of photos snag pretty much every imaginable angle of the device leaving nothing to the imagination. From here on out there really isn’t anything on it we haven’t seen, although we still don’t know for sure just what it will be called or even when it will be released. It’s kickin’ it on AT&T and running BlackBerry 6, and even though we got our fill on video already, it’s never a bad thing to see some more. Plenty of photos over at Engadget to feed your appetite.


Kelebihan Blackberry 9800:

  • Touch screen.. ga jelas multi-touch atau ga
  • Menggunakan OS 6
  • Prosesor dan memori RAM belum jelas berapa

Kita tunggu aja kehadiran dan info selanjutnya

Blackberry booming di Indonesia

Bukan suatu fenomena aneh di Indonesia bila gadget canggih akan booming.. Contohnya saja E90, dimana Jakarta merupakan tempat launching barang mewah Nokia tersebut. Bayangkan saja, harga launchingnya saja mencapai 15 juta rupiah. Namun banyak sekali warga Jakarta mengantre untuk menikmati mewahnya Nokia E90.

Begitu juga Research In Motion (RIM), dengan produknya, Blackberry. Menjadi hal yang biasa bila produk yang handal (kadang dikatakan mewah), menjadi buruan warga Indonesia, Jakarta khususnya. Pada saat saya ke Mall Ambasador di kawasan Kuningan, saya mendengar seorang bapak menawar kepada sang penjual untuk membeli 3 hp Blackberry.. Yaa.. 3 Blackberry.. Cukup kaget juga mendengarnya… Tapi setelah dipikir panjang, memang seperti inilah karakteristik  sebagian besar warga Indonesia… Konsumtif.. hehehe.. 😀

Tak heran CNN menulis “Blackberry boom in Indonesia

Blackberry 9700 menyentuh Rp. 5.9 juta !

Blackberry 9700 (Onyx)Kabar bagus niy.. For all BLackBerRy LoVeRs…

Blackberry 9700 aka Onyx sudah menyentuh harga Rp. 5.900.000.. plus bonus 2 GB microSD.. lumayan dehh.. mudah2an makin turun..

Bila tertarik dan ingin membelinya, silahkan klik atau

Harga pada kedua situs tersebut diupdate terus… dan sepertinya  setiap hari harganya menurun 50 ribu rupiah.. lumayan juga kan… 😉

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