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One Click Lag Fix APK by RyanZA

i’m a fan of Samsung Galaxy S.. In the, RyanZA make an app that solve the lag of Samsung Galaxy S.. Here’s the detail…(quote from

This is an APK (Normal Android App) that will install an EXT2 lag fix for you. If you can’t download it, please register first…

The APK itself can support a number of different lag fixes, but currently only a simple EXT2 lag fix is available in it.

Currently Included Lag Fixes:

Root + Superuser – The APK includes an that will root+superuser your device. Android 2.1 does not support auto-running/recovery mode from apps, so you will have to manually enter recovery mode. Android 2.2 does support this, so it may be added in the future.

EXT2Tools – This installs the correct busybox and some ext2 tools for checking the filesystem, etc.

OneClickLagFix V1+ – The included lag fix is called ‘OneClickLagFix V1+’ and is a heavily checked version of the original 1.0 One Click Lag Fix Script. It contains additional checking, the app and app-private folders, as well as filesystem checking on boot. It has a slider that controls how much space the lagfix will use. Further to right will mean you can install more apps, but you may have to remove some when undoing the lagfix. Further to the left means less space for new apps, but will make it much easier to uninstall.

OneClickLagFix V1+ Remover – This should painlessly remove the lag fix for you.

Space Checker – You can check the amount of free space still available for apps after the lag fix is installed using the option in the app. Works for all lag fixes.

Change Scheduler – Changes the kernel I/O scheduler. More details in app.

What is this lag fix version for?

A lot of people have trouble with the script versions. This aims to make a simple lag fix that anybody can use. It has a lot of checks, and does not remove any files that the system is using. This hopefully means that this lag fix will cause zero problems. In the event that a lag fix fails, the app should undo the lag fix and leave your device as it started. You will have the option to mail the log to the lag fix developer (me in the case of the stock lag fixes).

This is currently in RELEASE status. Feel free to report any issues/bugs in this thread!

How to use this:

Copy over the APK file onto your phone, and run/install it as normal using ‘My Files’. There will be a ‘One Click Lag Fix’ app installed. Run that, and select the option you want!

The app will automatically kill all running tasks, and enable flight mode. You should probably not use the device while the lag fix is running. If you accidentally hit back or home by mistake, re-enter the app and re-select the lag fix. It should still be running.

Vibrant users who are having issues can check out this awesome writeup:…axy-s-vibrant/

Notes on V1+

You may see a delayed splash screen on boot. This is because the EXT2 filesystem is being checked at this point.
Quadrant scores should be around 2100.
Use the included uninstall option before applying an OTA update, or updating using Kies. Updates using Odin will overwrite the lagfix.
You do not need to reinstall this lagfix when the app is updated. The version on the V1+ lagfix itself has not changed. You will only need to reinstall for V2 or other changes. Coming soon.

Android Market
Kryptyx has uploaded the app to the android market – It is listed as “RyanZA’s One Click Lag Fix”.

Read on to know the changelogs…

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One Click Lag Fix for Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) memang salah satu handheld android terbaik saat ini. Namun, ada kesan ‘lag’ dalam menjalankan aplikasi. Nah, untuk mengatasinya, teman dari XDA-developers membuat script yang membuat SGS berjalan cukup cepat. Bahkan melewati Froyo (Android 2.2) versi betanya. SGS ini menggunakan Eclair 2.1 I9000DDJG4.

Mengagumkan bukan? Sebelum diberikan One Click Lag Fix, hasilnya cuman 800-900an. Kenapa bisa demikian?

Pada prinsipnya, lagfix ini membuat virtual file system dalam format ext2 dengan ukuran 4KB Block Size sebagai buffer antara real file system dan android system. Atau istilahnya sebagai cache.

Jadi adanya cache ini akan mengurangi aktifitas I/O dari SGS yang lemot dengan memanfaatkan kelebihan dari format ext2 yang memiliki access speed yang cepat.

Jadi saat di test dengan aplikasi yang namanya Quadrant (bisa di download dari Market dan SGS harus diroot).. tanpa lagfix, biasanya performance SGS berada di angka 900an… dengan adanya lagfix, performance SGS akan melewati angka 2000…

Bagaimana caranya ?

1. SGS harus di rooted terlebih dahulu.

Caranya? pakai One Click Root, bisa juga baca caranya di sini. Filenya bisa didownload di sini. Baca petunjuknya baik2 dan ikuti instruksi yg diberikan…

2. Install aplikasi Busybox 1.17.1 di SGS.

Dapatnya dari mana? Bisa didownload di sini. Baca baik2 juga. Busybox ini hanya dapat diinstall bila SGS sudah diroot.

3. Baru jalankan One Click Lag Fix.

Caranya? Download attachmentnya di sini. Unzip ke folder tertentu, it’s up to you…

a. Setting SGS dalam USB debugging mode: Settings->Applications->Development. Sama seperti waktu nge-root

b. Download the attached ZIP file.

c. Unzip ke folder (terserah anda), colokan kabel USB SGS ke komputer

d. Double click “lagfixme.bat”

e. Tunggu sampai selesai.

f. SGS akan tetap stanby tanpa ada proses reboot.

Umumnya berhasil tanpa ada masalah. Kalau ada masalah, ditanggung sendiri ya.. hehehe… untuk baca lengkapnya, spt cara lengkap dan trobleshootnya, pengalaman orang, silahkan main-main ke sini

update 1:

ada yang menanyakan, berapa sisa memori setelah di-lagfixme… hasilnya spt ini :

Samsung Galaxy S death grip?

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Hmm.. i think it not just iphone 4 which has a death grip.. “you hold the iphone in the wrong way”, said Steve Jobs.. But, look at this video below… Samsung Galaxy S has the same problem with iPhone 4… any comment?

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